Mastery in industrial applications - with NOVAMAT

Industrial products from NOVAMAT are designed for almost all applications in the industry and for work in harsh conditions, reaching the highest levels of security.

Innovative industry technology and maximum reliability

NOVAMAT with the range of advanced technology products for industrial applications covers almost all industrial process requirements. The high performance industrial products of NOVAMAT also provide efficient service, durability and ecological service. NOVAMAT industrial products are very versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of possible industrial applications from the energy industry, water treatment industry, food industry, beverage industry, fire protection industry, industry pharmaceutical

In addition, NOVAMAT products offer the highest levels of quality and performance. Industrial products are designed to meet the toughest operational challenges: extreme temperatures, high pressures, aggressions, corrosions or solid or charged liquids - NOVAMAT products always ensure normal operation. Reliability, security and durability.

Industry Products