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The variety of our services and products extends from your homes to powerful power plants.

If you produce food products or have a venture in the construction of boilers or conventional or nuclear power plants, run a cement plant, run a refinery, run a paper industry then we offer the quality, professionalism and longevity of your business.


NOVAMAT in the energy sector offers advanced technologies and comprehensive programs for products such as: Valves, Pumps, Electric Motors, Generators and Turbines for Hydropower, PLC Automatic Control Systems, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, Measuring Instruments make us a suitable partner for creating and developing your business in the energy industry.


Our products are versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of industrial aids, from the energy industry, the water treatment industry, the food industry, the beverage industry, the fire protection industry and the pharmaceutical industry. NOVAMAT products offer the highest levels of quality and performance,  designed to meet the toughest operational challenges: Extreme temperatures, high pressures, aggressions, corrosions or solid or charged liquids.

Water & Wasterwater

We link technical progress to customer benefits with many years of experience in water treatment and conditioning, as well as salt neutralization in saltwater. As a reliable systems supplier NOVAMAT offers its clients expert advice on suitable pumps, valves and systems for water applications, we also provide water transportation and water distribution through our reliable products.


Our products are produced for terrains that have the presence of hard materials such as phosphate stones, bituminous sand, aluminum products, copper & other materials or highly corrosive mixtures. We also offer products such as: valves, pumps, belts, chains, trapezoidal belts, conveyor belts and all spare parts for mining, as well as products that come to your aid for waste transportation.


With NOVAMAT's solution you can see in advance the hidden potential for energy savings. For new installations or overhauls in existing systems, we offer the right technology for automation. The system solution made according to your requirements by NOVAMAT provides a prerequisite for the operation of your systems with an energy efficient, also guarantee operational reliability and system availability.


NOVAMAT provides comprehensive technical knowledge for solutions - for everything. The wide range of NOVAMAT products includes from the most common hydraulic equipment, pumps, valves, automations or power meters, and systems up to systems for construction services. NOVAMAT offers solutions with economic efficiency- everything for construction projects whether small scale or industrial scale. 

Measurements & projections

The most popular brand equipments on the market, with which we operate, offer the possibility of measurements with high accuracy and reliability. Our company offers measurements for any type of transformer, such as power, current or voltage, measurements for high voltage cable and overhead lines, tests for protection relays, tests on power switches, tests for earthing systems, tests for rotary electric machines (motor / generator).


NOVAMAT offers a wide range of equipment designed specifically for the maximum performance of a vehicle control station. We offer one of the widest assortments on the market in technical control machines for all types of vehicles, light vehicles, heavy tonnage vehicles and agricultural vehicles.


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