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The substation reduces and increases the voltage by the same amount. The transformer substation at the beginning of the transmission line is for this purpose only. From it, the wires come out under very high voltage, measured in tens of kilovolts. During the distance that separates the TPP, HPP or nuclear power plant from the locality where it is addressed, the energy travels with a small current. The consumer needs to get power with the given standard parameters, which in our country correspond to 220 volts (or 380 V interphase).

NOVAMAT with many years of experience in this sector provides the best service and products for:

- Metal constructions
- Power switches
- Voltage transformer
- Current transformer
- Power transformer
- Discharge
- Sectional
- Earth knife
- Power divider
- Telecommunications
- Protection panel
- Busbars
- Switchgear
- Battery room
- Insulators
- Cable
- Instruments

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