Fire Protection Systems

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The fire protection system is designed to cope in two ways with the emergency situation for firefighting.

Active protection: It concerns the installation of extinguishing devices such as internal and external hydrants, foam, dust and gas fixers, sprinklers, smoke detectors, flame, etc.
Passive protection: It has to do with the materials of the building structures, which are evaluated on the basis of their resistance to fire, partition sections, emergency exit system, smoke ventilation, etc.

NOVAMAT Ltd thanks to many years of experience already in this sector aims to implement projects with the highest standards in the market.
Qualified staff is available for any problem or service needed in this sector with the best products such as:
- Pumps
- Valve
- Gauge 
- Instrumentation
- Detector
- Fire Extinguisher
- Surface & Underground Hydrant
- Pipeline 

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