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Supplying the population with good quality drinking water is an immediate priority and demand for life. In addition to the extraordinary physiological importance for life, water plays a major role in human pathology because through it many aquatic epidemics can be transmitted. They are a consequence of inadequate treatment solutions of untreated water, contrary to the principles of hygiene, sanitary techniques and especially its disinfection.
Disinfection of drinking water can be done in different ways, but the most convenient and most used way in practice is chlorine disinfection. With proper disinfection the causes of epidemics are eliminated or inactivated. Therefore, in order to avoid water epidemics, it is necessary to take constant care of drinking water, to take measures to ensure the quality of regularity and, above all, to disinfect it.

NOVAMAT Ltd thanks to many years of experience now in this sector aims to implement projects with the highest standards in the market with products such as:
- Pumps
- Instruments
- Gauge
- Filters
- Pipeline

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