Salt Industry


• Space-saving compact design with axial inlet and product-lubricated plain bearing
• Flexible, best matching adaptation to system condition by variety of installation types and variable nozzle position
• Low NPSH value, improved suction behaviour and operating reliability for suction lift operation by special suction impeller


• Reliable: product-lubricated plain bearings made of tungsten carbide, cast pump foot, torsion-resistant pump shroud and confined O-rings
• Long service life: corrosion-resistant hydraulic components made of stainless steel
• Easy to service: can be fitted with any standardised mechanical seal (to EN 12756)
• Easy to install underneath other machinery due to horizontal installation


• Maintenance-free mechanical seal ensures operating reliability
• Easy to dismantle due to back pull-out design; no need to remove the pump casing from the piping
• Good suction performance, self-priming up to 9 m suction lift, also suitable for applications with relatively poor inlet conditions (i.e. low or negative inlet pressure) and for handling fluids with entrained gas.
• Optimised hydraulic components for high efficiency help reduce energy consumption

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