IFAT Munich 2022

IFAT Munich—trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management

IFAT is the most important international trade fair for highlighting industry trends .

Key facts about IFAT 2022
•2,984 exhibitors from 59 countries and regions
•119,000 visitors from 155 countries and regions
•260,000 square meters exhibition space

•The main theme of this fair was:
Water adaptation to climate change, water reuse without sacrificing quality. Water reuse refers to the recycling of water in industrial production processes and the use of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation, especially in the agricultural sector.Water treatment processes sewage is of great importance, as municipal sewage contains not only nutrients, but also pathogens, metals and chemical pollutants. Not removing them adequately means risks to people, soil, groundwater, plants and animals.

•Also another focus of this fair was waste management and recycling, how can we ensure a high standard of living for the growing global population, without plundering our natural resources