Novamat evaluates a lively culture corporate and performance-oriented in which common values and behaviors are based on the work in a successful group. A pleasant working environment, exemplary social benefits and ongoing training, makes the company more attractive for committed and motivated employees.

Our employees work with dedication, expertise, quality, speed and high creativity in the interest of the company and its products. They are guided by the following common values: trust, responsibility, professionalism, honesty and appreciation

The key for NOVAMAT: A colorful culture corporate and pleasant working environment

NOVAMAT company carries a lively culture and a high-performance. Teamwork and professionalism are two of the most important things when negotiating with customers and business partners.

NOVAMAT promotes further training 

As an attractive employer, NOVAMAT offers attractive benefits to all employees. These benefits, for example training opportunities, vary from country to country. They are based on the requirements of the job and the needs of local employees, as well as regional circumstances.

Training courses and seminars

NOVAMAT encourages all employees to engage in new learning throughout life. This happens in work day by day , as well as seminars and internal and external training courses.

Encouraging young talents

In order to cover the demand for specialists, NOVAMAT trains young people and provides training, job placement and dual study programs.

Culture, feedback, discussions

 Regular discussions and feedback between managers and employees who have the common goal, to improve cooperation, to contribute in develop and to create a professional working environment in NOVAMAT which is formed by reciprocal respect.

Attractive secondary benefits 

Besides attractive salaries, special payments and performance-related bonuses, NOVAMAT offers pension scheme, health insurance programs, social assistance and leisure activities.