Who We Are & What we offer

NOVAMAT Ltd was established on dt.15.04.2008 with the main headquarters in Tirana.
Enough experience and credibility of the company's customers became a initiative for NOVAMAT GmbH to come aslo in the Albanian market.

As partners and benevolent in industry and high quality we offer a wide range of products.

Our range of services and products extends from your home to powerful thermal power plants. If you produce food products or have an enterprise in the construction of furnace or boilers as well as in conventional or nuclear power plants, if you run a cement production plant, run a refinery, led an industry of paper then we offer quality, professionalism and longevity of your business.

We believe in the values of partners and in their devotion, in their professionalism and expertise.


Believe in us!
Novamat offers individual solutions for each particular problem

Our Mission and Vision

  • To contribute to the survival of the industry through products that increase its longevity.
  • To diversify the range of our products and services in coherence with market evolution.
  • To offer our customers our quality and care.
  • Offer our experience, professionalism and consulting with our customers.
  • Offering the highest quality products by coordinating the work of professional staff, company logistics and the newest technology we have.


Novamat activities in research centers focus on the following areas:

  • Hydraulics
  • Technology Installation
  • Material
  • Production technology
  • Automation


NOVAMAT supplies the equipment for the following applications:

  • Services for buildings 
  • Engineering Processes
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water transportation
  • Converting of Energy
  •  Transportation of solids


NOVAMAT products are used to transport liquids or disrupting transportation of liquids, including:

  • Clean water or contaminated
  • Aggressive and explosive liquids
  • Corrosive and viscous fluids
  • Liquids / solid mixtures and mixture
  • Stability

Where are we? Everywhere, in every place where quality and quality is the primary objective

NOVAMAT activities are focused on achieving sustainable development and profitable in order to ensure sustainable economic independence to the group.  
Social Responsibility of Novamat employees and Novamat itself is one of the basic activities of our company.