Career in Novamat

Our focus is on the promoting of high performance, development of future leaders, appreciation of diversity of our employees, encourage and reward entrepreneurial behavior, and creation of a committable culture where individuals and teams to be successful.

We provide career

You are unique, so it is logical that the direction of your career reflect individual talents, aspirations and your choices.

Our environment with high performance is designed to draw out the best in you. Since day one, we are committed to a structure that provides appropriate experiences, teaching and counseling that helps you become a professional productive. You will be encouraged to take the direction of your career goals and get the most of what is offered. This includes varied and rich possibility that allows you to explore different parts of our worldwide organization and develop a set of skills and knowledge available.

Together, we will create the professional and personal future you are looking for.

We provide increase and progress

Do you want to grow up, to reach more, engage in new things, all this is possible with us.

Obtaining of knowledge is necessary, being a high-tech company that creates trends in the energy market in our country. By investing in employee training, the company Novamat Albania achieves its strategic objectives to encourage development towards the full potential of every employee.

We pay special attention to creating a culture of consultation, because we believe that training and development should be provided as close as possible to the work in process as possible. Also we think that counseling is the right way to develop leaders at all levels, to share knowledge and build better business solutions.

We create managers

We constantly invest in the development of skilled managers that meet the needs of the company and individual needs of our managers to set annual performance evaluations.

The managerial competencies are developed systematically, combining various methods such as guidance and counseling individual and in group, alternating from one segment of business to another, participation in various projects, transfers internal knowledge, learning focused in small groups and other initiatives in group level.

We believe in diversity

Having a talented workforce has become one of the most critical factors of our industry. Besides their talent, each employee brings to the company tonality, inspiration and ambition.

Novamat loves a colorful life. We embrace diversity and give to everyone a chance.