NOVAMAT values a vibrant and performance-oriented corporate culture in which shared values and behaviors are the basis for working in a successful group. A pleasant work environment, exemplary social benefits and continuous training, makes the company more attractive to dedicated and motivated employees.

Our employees work with dedication, expertise, quality, speed and high creativity in the interest of the company and its products. They are guided by the following common values: trust, responsibility, professionalism, honesty and appreciation.


NOVAMAT encourages all employees to engage in new lifelong learning. This happens on a day-to-day basis, as well as in-house and out-of-home seminars and training courses.

Training opportunities vary from country to country. They are based on the demands of the workplace and the needs of local employees, as well as regional circumstances.


NOVAMAT supports talented young people who want to work and grow professionally. We offer ongoing training, seminars, job engagement and dual study programs.


If you are a specialist in the fields where we operate, work in a team, are motivated and productive, we invite you to become part of NOVAMAT.


What we offer:

  • Trainings, Courses and Workshops
  • Friendly work environments
  • Career growth and development

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