NOVAMAT in the energy sector provides subsidies, services, engineering consultancy, high voltage training, medium voltage, low voltage, power plants, hydropower, solar energy, bioenergy, refineries, oil fields, gas plants, oil plants.

Advanced technology and comprehensive program of our products such as valves, pumps, electric motors, hydropower generators and turbines, automated control PLCs, electrical appliances, mechanical appliances, measuring instruments makes NOVAMAT a comprehensive and convenient solution for business creation and development Your own in the energy industry.

The widest range of products is also added to the consulting and technical technical assistance that NOVAMAT offers to clients by helping you deliver permanent professional solutions.

Applications of NOVAMAT products and services ranging from your homes to heavy industry.

Thanks to the high technical expertise and expertise, the widest range of products, and the quality of consulting and quality technical assistance, NOVAMAT helps you to improve your standard of living, to develop your business and your personal and professional enterprise.

NOVAMAT's products are ideal and very suitable for use in nuclear power stations and nuclear waste.
Moreover, they are particularly suitable for renewable energy applications and for the operation of central heating systems.

Energy Products